Fuji ER180 Eng

Fuji ER-180 U

The Fuji ER-180U is a compact cash register for daily use, optimally tailored to your needs.

  • A reliable cash register for daily checkout.
  • The ER-180u can be used multiple times for catering and retail.
  • Thanks to its small size, the cash register is suitable for smaller shops or spaces.
  • The Fuji ER-180u has a salesperson display (1-line) and a customer display (1-line).
  • In addition, the cash register has 16 shortcut keys, below you can program the popular and frequently purchased items.
  • With the ER-180u you can print out 6 reports, you can easily get an overview of your sales or a daily report.
  • The standard drawer allows you to store all euro coins neatly and clearly.

Comes pre-programmed with manual and on-site training.

Our own technical department ensures fast and adequate after-sales service.

Specifications may vary or are subject to change.