Fuji Cash Management Eng

Cash automation

Fuji Cashdro & Glory

When linked to the cash register, this device ensures automatic processing of cash payments, hygienic and infallible.

  • The cashier does not touch any money anymore,

  • the customer deposits coins and bills for the amount to be paid -  the customer can follow this on the 7" TFT touch screen,

  • and the device calculates the amount to be retuned and displays the coins and notes back for this value.

  • Internally it is neatly remembered who paid what at which cash register.

  • The "cash register" is always correct.

  • Pays for itself if you regularly have cash differences.

  • Can be linked to Brestonica and EcrTouch both in the fiscal and non-fiscal versions

  • All euro coins from 0.02 cents to 2 euros are accepted and used for display without any problems.

  • Notes from 5 to 500 euros can be accepted and two types are (re)used to display.

    • Built-in counterfeit detection

    • Separate CPU for control

    • Note collectioncassette

    • Coin collection

    • tray Warning in case of insufficient stock of coins/notes

    • Adjustable minimum for coins and notes

    • Reporting of content coins and notes

      Specifications may vary or can be subject to change.