Card Payments


Electronic payment: legal obligation from July 1, 2022.

Our EcrTouch application offers various options for payment platforms:
- We do not sell payment terminals, but we do support you with the choice
and the formalities.
- A linked payment solution offers the advantage that the amount calculated by the cash register, with or without rounding, is actually passed on to the payment terminal and does

not have to be entered again. The amount therefore always corresponds to the cash register ticket, so less chance of errors.
- The payment method and the legal details of the payment are printed on the receipt, so no printer is required on your payment terminal.

Linked Payconiq application.
     - Cheap and easy to use.
     - Works like a bank terminal, so also full control over the cash register.
     - A special QR code establishes the connection between the cash register and the

       customer's smartphone.

Linked bank terminal.

   Worldline with checkout link

              - Yomani (without printer – without merchant module).

     Payworld with cash register link

             – Yomani (without printer – without merchant module).

            - Fix cash register A35.

     CCV with cash register connection

             – CCV - Pinpad P400.

- For the bank terminals you have to make separate agreements for the different payment cards.

- A bank terminal usually works faster, the customer does not have to start his Payconiq app first when making a payment.

- A good internet connection is necessary in all cases.

Specifications may vary or are subject to change.